CF KIDSヒゲオヤジの重量挙げ


<For kids> Total pattern roll cap.

Manufactured at our own factory <CA4LA FACTORY>. Made with the original “Weightlifting Higeoyaji” pattern print fabric, the catchy design is attractive. The vibrant colors and unique design create an indescribable cuteness.

* This product is not a non-formalin product. Please be careful not to wear it by children under 3 years old as it may cause eczema and rash.
* Size adjustment slip specification (When reducing the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight. If you pull it in the opposite direction, the slip may be damaged.)
* Please be sure to refer to the attached attention when washing your hands. ..
* There are individual differences in how the pattern appears.

100% polyester [Country of
origin ] made in JAPAN
■ Product information
Brand: CA4LA
Material: Polyester-100%
Color: Blue / Beige
Size: Free (52cm-54cm)
Adjustment: Yes






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