I think it’s quite difficult to choose the size.

Reference example

  • Doesn’t it fit your head?
  • I want to wear it deeply and with a loose impression
  • The hat seems to fly
  • The hat is misaligned

A hat is worn on the face and hair. It is necessary to choose a size that matches the size of the face, hairstyle, and amount of hair.

The idea that I want to emphasize when choosing a size is what the hat looks like when viewed with the whole body. It is a stupid size to check only the top of the face with a mirror or just the front of the face with a mirror Of course, people are three-dimensional, so even if the impression of only one side is good, if the other side does not look good, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Most people prefer something that looks good from each direction, so it’s safe to look at the front, side, and back of the whole body to see if the size feels bad. Longer hair and more voluminous hair When choosing a hat, if you choose The right size for your head, you will be crushing your hair, which will eliminate the curve of your hair and prevent you from getting a beautiful silhouette of your hair. Even if you wear a hat, you will think that it will be strange. In this case, the ideal size to choose is the size that the silhouette of the hair comes out beautifully. In this case, the appropriate size is one size than the actual size. Is suitable for choosing a large size.